Reality continues to ruin my life. I am very jaded as a person. I've been searching for reason all of my life but I always stumble upon consequence.

You can kiss the ring, but you can never touch the crown.

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I love waking up with Andy in the morning super naked and rolling around for like an hour cuddling

alwpoomau asked: what are you/did you drink/drinking?


Uh we were drinking PBR

wtf I’m drunk. Ask me stuff

my dance style ranges from white dad at a barbecue to stripper whose rent is due tomorrow

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I’m reading your palm and it says it belongs on my butt

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I remember when you leaned in quick to kiss me, and I swear, 
that not a single force on earth could stop the trembling of my hand.

Ok my cervix is bruised and I have teeth marks on my titties.

Goodnight everyone 👌

ain’t it something, when everything falls apart?
the ground you build upon determines if you fall.
it’s slow motion as i watch it from the hall —
i’ll come undone.
it’s the past,
it leaves you on the floor.

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